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Software Testing Training Courses:

Software testing is a systematic activity which identifies defects in the software and helps in correcting and preventing them before the software is released to the end user. In a world of increasing dependence on Software, Improper functioning of software can lead to serious circumstances such as injuries or death (aero plane software failures may lead to fatalities), loss of time (slow processing), loss of money etc. Testing of Software has become one of the fastest growing areas of corporate IT expenditure. According to Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC)Testing has become one of the fastest growing areas of corporate IT expenditure& worldwide spending on testing (including both internal and external testing skills, tools and related hardware and systems) will reach approximately €79bn in 2010, and will nearly hit the €100bn mark by 2014 meaning enormous growth in opportunities for Software Testers.

Software Testing Opportunities:

With so many sectors leveraging Information Technology to simplify, improve and innovate business processes in their respective fields (Oil & Exploration, Telecom, Health Care, Air Travel etc....) the potential for software development is immense. For each project, a team of testing professionals is a must. Different projects carry different ratio of Development personnel to Testing personnel but the industry practice is 3: 1. Meaning for every 3 developers there must be one test engineer to successfully implement software. Software testing as a career is a sunshine career, i.e., it is just about to take off with a huge potential in near future. Any graduate with qualified training on Software Testing can aspire for a career in software testing. Most of the companies recruit from the following qualifications, B.Sc, B.Com, BCA, B.Tech, MCA, M.Sc, M.Techetc IT-Successwin Tech is an acknowledged leader in Software Testing and Automation Testing trainings across India. IT-Successwin Tech has a mature training plan with comprehensive coverage on all testing topics backed by qualified/certified/experienced trainers.

Software Testing courses

At end of this Software Testing training by IT-Success-Win you will be able to,

  • Understand and identify different Software Testing building blocks
  • Understand the data model
  • Understand the security model
  • Understand the business process automation options
  • Understand the SalesCloud and Service Cloud modules
  • Understand the reports and dashboard
  • Understand Software Testing1, Software TestingA, Chatter and Social features
  • Introduction to Apex
  • Introduction to VisualForce Introduction to various integration options like SOAP, REST APIs

HP LoadRunner is an industry leading Performance and Load Test automation tool, with a market share of 77%, for examining system behavior,software performance under load conditions. LR can emulate hundreds of concurrent users to put the application through the rigors of actual load conditions while collecting information on application behavior & from key infrastructure components such as Web servers, database servers in identifying weak links / bottlenecks in the supporting IT infrastructure. IT-SuccessWin Technology offers training program on Performance Testing with LoadRunner incorporating basics of performance testing, familiarizing with LoadRunner components, planning, creation & execution of a load test, monitoring & analysis of load test results.

Prerequisite: Manual Testing

Course Objectives

  • ➤ Analyse the performance testing requirements
  • ➤ Prepare scripts for the business functions provided in the scope
  • ➤ Execute test rounds and analyse the results given by the tool
  • ➤ Reporting the performance observed
  • ➤ Learn how to work with TestNG framework with DataDriven framework concepts

SoapUI is an open-source, free software application used for testing SOAP and REST APIs. SoapUI's primary features include web services inspection, invoking, and development, as well as testing for functionality, load bearing, compliance, and security. Using SoapUI tremendously reduces the time it takes to test web services by automating the various operations involved in testing. It allows users to write API tests, perform a complete vulnerability scan and simulate high-volume load testing. It can be easily integrated with popular tools such as Maven, Ant, and JUnit. It also supports multiple protocols, including WSDL, AMF, JMS and HTTPS.

Prerequisite: Manual Testing

Course Objectives

WebServices with SoapUI Testing online training program covers all the basic knowledge necessary for testing and automating web services. It begins with a how-to guide for installing and configuring SoapUI, creating workspaces and navigating through the application. It then introduces the participant to web services with a run-through of the languages they use and the operations they perform. The course shows how SoapUI can perform the same operations with minimal time and effort. It discusses the SOAP protocol and demonstrates how to create a project, a test suite inside the project, and a test case inside the test suite. Finally, the course focuses on assertions, which are the means by which responses to queries sent to web services are validated during testing.

Selenium Web Driver online training program gives the participant a working knowledge of WebDriver, the open source project for testing web applications and automating web-based administrative tasks. WebDriver simulates the habits of the average user who interacts with a web application. It generates a series of events and fires them at the browser on two levels: user level- the way a user would and OS level - bypassing security restrictions and individual browser idiosyncrasies. It offers support for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Opera, as well as the iPhone and Android browsers. WebDriver is written mainly in Javascript and includes APIs in multiple languages to allow for greater control. It supports language bindings in Java, C#, Python, and Ruby. You can easily master WebDriver by signing up for Selenium WebDriver online training program today.

Course Objectives

Selenium WebDriver online training covers all the knowledge necessary for putting this useful tool to work in real time. It starts with an introduction to Core Java and a quick review of the fundamentals of the Java programming language pertinent to WebDriver. It covers Java methods used for WebDriver as well as loops. The course then introduces the participant to WebDriver fundamentals, discussing installation and configuration, as well as WebDriver's basic features, commands, and drop-down lists, providing examples for clarity. It shows the participant how to create and run WebDriver scripts in Chrome, Firefox, and IE. It covers the Selenium grid, element locations, and JUnit usage for creating running tests.

The Selenium with C# online training program aims at providing participants knowledge on Selenium, one of the best and most widely used automation tools in the world, in combination with the C# programming language. Selenium is an open source automation tool which offers users an unparalleled ability to test web applications and create and manage databases. Because of Selenium’s versatility, scripting languages such as Java, Ruby, Python, and C# are compatible with it and are used for writing Selenium’s test scripts. C#, on the other hand, is a .NET language which has the capability for reflections without the need for declaring classes and functions, and allows interoperability.

Course Objectives

The Selenium with C# online training program focuses on the purpose, and functions of Selenium, object-oriented programming, Selenium IDE and RC as well as the Selenium WebDriver package. It also seeks to enhance the skills of its participants in Selenium Grid, setting up Selenium in visual studio with C#, configuring and using the Selenium remote control, identification of UI elements as well as enhancement of skills in hybrid framework development and integration. At the end of the course, participants should also be able to schedule automatic test runs, understand and use RTTS helper files, various Selenium script formats and use tools to identify XPath while creating reusable modules that can reduce script maintenance to a large extent. Participants also learn synchronization and the problems that arise with improper synchronization. It also teaches them NUnit usage, JSON using C#, test suite creation.

Software Testing Online Training program is an encyclopedic course, providing knowledge, skills and understanding of software testing. This course will cover Manual Testing Online Training along with online automation testing training. Manual Testing, as the name suggests, is a type of software testing where testing is carried out manually without using any automation tools. Manual testing is one of the most primal testing techniques, which is why any application is manually tested before carrying out automation testing. Manual testing enables the testers to find bugs in the software system. Automation testing is a type of software testing wherein automated processes are used for testing. It is carried out by running test scripts using a tool. Tools like QTP, Selenium, Test complete etc. are available for automation testing.

Course Objectives

The participants will be focus on fundamental concepts in software testing, including software testing objectives, processes, methods and strategies, understanding the software testing processes, manual testing processes like Unit testing, Integration testing, system testing and automation testing tools like QTP, Selenium, Testcomplete etc. The participants will learn planning a test project, designing test cases and data, conducting testing operations, managing defects and generating test report as part of the Manual Testing Online Training program. Automation testing mainly involves scripting. The online automation testing trainingwill help participants in learning the automation concepts and how to scripts using different programming languages. Successful completion of the course will make the participants fluent in software testing of both types; manual and automated.

The Jmeter Online Training course has been intelligently designed to provide in-depth knowledge about Jmeter to the participants. This course strives to cover all aspects of JMeter from the basic to the professional level. JMeter is an open source Java desktop application developed for Web applications’ load and performance testing. Performance testing of Static & Active web resources such as data bases, files, scripts, Java objects, FTP servers etc. can be done through JMeter. JMeter handles various tests, such as performance, regression, load, functional etc. JMeter is capable of simulating a heavy load on a network, object or server so as to carry our performance analysis and strength testing under different load types. This Jmeter (performance + load) Testing Online Course offers in-depth coverage of both performance testing and load testing.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the Jmeter Online Training program, the participants will be able to comprehend the components of Jmeter such as, assertions, logic controllers as well as samplers. They will be able to comfortably develop and auto record scripts using Jmeter. Further more, they can run tests and produce test reports.

The Mobile Application Testing Online Training program is ideal for all those keen on learning mobile application testing using the Appium tool. Appium is a popular open source, mobile application testing automated tool that can effectively test applications of various platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows and Firefox OS. Appium has the capability to test native, hybrid and mobile web apps on simulators, emulators and real devices. This course aims to offer participants a sound understanding of Mobile Application Testing coupled with hands-on training..

Course Objectives

The Mobile Application Testing Online Training program aims to impart sufficient training such that the participants are well versed in Appium . This course will begin with an introduction to Mobile Automation and Appium. It will then move on to cover basics of WebDriver, Appium installation and configuration on Windows, Appium on Android platform and mobile elements on Android. You will further learn about app testing on iOS, element detection on iOS using Appium Inspector, testing Android native apps on Windows, installation, configuration and working of TestNG, basics of Framework and Object repository.

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